Installing Dwarf Fortress

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There are three major platforms that you can install DF on: Linux, MacOS, and Windows. For this, I'd use a Lazy Newb Pack.


For Linux, the operating system I use, I'd recommend Linux Dwarf Pack.

For Ubuntu, use the .deb file.

For RHEL, use the .rpm file.

For Manjaro, use the .pkg.tar.bz2 file.

For pretty much any other Linux distro, use the AppImage file.

Then, to run from CLI, executing /opt/linux-dwarf-pack/ in a terminal, or open your application menu and search Dwarf Fortress. You should see it up! It should look something like this:

Booted Linux Dwarf Pack


For MacOS, I'm not incredibly knowledgible because I've never used MacOS in my life, but I've heard the Lazy Mac Pack or elpuma's Mac Starter Pack work great.


For Windows, use PeridexisErrant's DF Starter Pack.

When you're done installing

To continue in the tutorial, go to Installing graphics.