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Pointer.pngThis article or section has been marked as rhetorical. It is humorous and is meant to be funny. If it's not funny to you, well, don't read it, I guess.

You may have seen this message magically pop up on your screen, and are wondering what it means:

______________________________ Withered _______________________________..
Your settlement has crumbled to its end.

Well, any good Dwarf Fortress player knows that, that right there, is Fun's definition, at least to them.


Some questions about fun and their definitive answers.

All my dwarves just died, and THAT SCREEN just popped up??

It's an acquired thing that makes you happy.

I looked in the dictionary and I think you're ly-

Nope. The dictionary you're looking for is your own mind.


Losing = Fun. That's the end.